Sealed Magic Products

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Fat Packs

Fat Packs include a number of Booster Packs as well as other items. Until recently, Fat Packs have included a visual card encyclopedia, a d20 life counter, and a sample chapter or full novel. The novels aren't to be found in most newer Fat Packs, but the card encyclopedia, d20 and 9 boosters packs seem to be the new extras.

Booster Packs

We stock Booster Packs of most new sets. We can occasionally special-order out of print Booster Packs; contact us for details.

Theme Decks

Theme Decks are usually (but not always) ready-to-play decks that introduce a particular color, mechanic, or theme to a set.


Duel Decks

Sealed sets of two ready-to-play decks.

Booster Boxes

We do not typically stock Booster Boxes but we are happy to special order them for you if they are still in print. Contact us for details.


Protect your valuable cards with functional and stylish sleeves.

Starter Decks (sealed)

Tournament Decks

Sealed preconstructed Tournament Decks

From The Vault Series

Promotional and Limited Sets

Ravnica Allegiance Mythic Edition

Secret Lair Drop

Theros Beyond Death